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Tuxedo Mask Does Fashion Week

29 October 2013

How could I do a series about Fashion Week and not do Mens' Fashion Week?! You think I could only draw women? Well, I draw them better than I do with men. It just easier. There! I said it. But I want to get better at drawing menswear. They're a tough cookie. It's not fun. But each drawing is a stepping stone for the future.

I love Mens' Fashion Week; I want all their clothes. My fave are: Burberry, Ermanno Ecervino, John Varvatos, Hugo Boss, and many more. I like the European and some of the unknown designers that are not too mainstreamed.

Tuxedo Mask is not in his usual black tie. He is in fact wearing a Burberry heart shaped print button down, the same one is worn by Harry Styles. I just love that the shirt cost $600. And to complete the look with camel trousers and wingtips. Hope you like my men's drawing.


Sailor Mini Moon Does Fashion Week

28 October 2013

I just love Rini!! She is so adorable on the show, with her pink hair and naiveté. But this her all grown up. No wicked/black lady here ^_^

Today, she is going to a luncheon, probably with Hotaru, wearing a double-breasted denim top and tulip skirt with a Michael Kors bag, that everyone is dying over. As I getting near to finished this series, it is getting hard to find new background and settings to place the models in. I want each to have a backstory and life of their own. I don't want to repeat too much; I haven't though, but I won't say that I won't.


Sailor Saturn Does Fashion Week

25 October 2013

Hello again. Almost time for Halloween. What are you guys dressing up as? Maybe Sailor Moon? ^_~

Today, I have the elusive Sailor Saturn. She barely got mentioned in the series, or at least part of her did. I wanna captured her youth and happiness that elude her during the show because of Doctor Tomoe.

I think what I had in mind is she is at a carnival/circus and having the time of her life; winning balloons, prizes, and seeing shows in the tent.

This is another one of my design that touched on Hannah Montana just a little bit with the animal prints and the belted look. I hoped you like it.


Sailor Pluto Does Fashion Week

24 October 2013

GUESS WHAT??? Today is my birthday. I'm officially older, and to celebrate it, I have Sailor Pluto for you. A jetsetter, too. She had all her luggages ready to go, and wearing a cream lace dress to match the luxury.

I had trouble comprehending how to draw lace for a moment, because there so many small details, I didn't know whether to draw it all or where to begin. Luckily, I found tutorials over the web and I think it won't be the last of lace you see from me. This is my own design today, so no runway inspired, but it could hold its own.


Sailor Uranus Does Fashion Week

22 October 2013

Hi everyone! Today I wanna show you Sailor Uranus (Amara) in a feminine dress but still keep her tomboy aspects. I had difficult choice in picking what to draw for Uranus, because she would sticks out like a sore thumb if she's in a fitting dress. I had thought about giving her a shorts and a tee, but what would Fashion Week be if she wore that?

This dress is from Kenzo SS 2014 collection. I love this outfit. It has nice, strong pattern, and she looks like she's up for anything. Did you notice I used blue again? I'm on a roll with the color. I love blue. It's such an easy color for anything.

Anyhoo, thanks for stopping by. Enjoy!

Sailor Neptune Does Fashion Week

21 October 2013

Hello Fabulous Monday. I can't believe only a few weeks more is the end of the month, and only a two months till the year's end. It gone by too quick in the end. I don't know why; it seems like it was summer the other day and now it's fall and then winter.

Today, I give you Sailor Neptune, Michelle, in a cerulean halter gown. The gown is inspired by Elie Saab. He is such an amazing designer, and no one can do Oscar gowns like he does. It's like every diamonds, studs, sequins, and gems are meticulously sewn in place; which I have to no doubt that that's how it's done.

Again, I didn't wanna matched up the colors to the respective Sailor. Seeing how Neptune is god of the sea, so blue is kinda connotative. But I haven't used blue in any of my drawing of late, so I decided to bust it out. Plus, any other colors would've been an eyesore.

Happy Monday again, and enjoy!

Sailor Jupiter Does Fashion Week

15 October 2013

A coat for fall. I love wearing coats. It makes everything look polished and rich looking. I only have a few coats, but I've been eying a trench for the longest time. I had the chance to tried on a Burberry trench, but it's not all cracked up to be. It's bulky and too big, even for a Small.

Today, Lita — or Sailor Jupiter — is wearing a Dalmatian print coat; inspired by the Duchess of Cambridge. Dalmatian hasn't getting much love since Cruella, but I think it's cute. It does looks like someone splattered ink all over you, but the black and white is too cute. And aren't we getting enough of safari prints?

Anyway, enjoy!

Sailor Venus Does Fashion Week

14 October 2013

Hello there!! I just saw the Michael Kors show and it was fabulous. Everything is so great. He had an array of clothes from daywear to evening wear that make the collection accessible to everyone.

I wanted to showcased Mina a fun and outgoing with an easiness in her clothes. The floral print full skirt dress is perfect for her. And as you know, I have to had her playfully dancing around in the street. I think that's everyone's secret dream, to dance around in the street.


Sailor Mars Does Fashion Week

10 October 2013

Another Sailor Scout is added to the collection. This time it's Rei and she's shopping, or hurrying to a sale. I think it's cute to add some movements to a drawing. I didn't want to have the models just posing, I like to mix it up now and then.

Sailor Mars today is wearing something out of September Vogue. She is wearing Maiyet silk t-shirt and pants. I didn't want to do red for Mars, but this outfit seems perfect for her considering she is spunky and girly, too.


Sailor Mercury Does Fashion Week

02 October 2013

Kicking off my series is Sailor Mercury dresses Herve Leger 2014 collection that walked the runway in New York. Drawing these might be more difficult than I realized. I have to find different poses for the girls and backdrops. Not only for the current ones, but the ones in the future as well. Wouldn't fancy too well if a pose look good with certain outfits if I already drew it.

The outfit, I think is perfect for a day out — perhaps luncheon — it's edgy and soft at the same time. The skirt is leather with zippers attaching at the seams. I didn't get a closer look at it, I thought it was gold pipings. But since it's a drawing and the details is minuscule, and it turned out great.

Happy Tuesday. Enjoy.

Sailor Moon Does Fashion Week

01 October 2013

Fashion week is the most exciting week that ever happened to fashion since the utilization of silkworms. So I've decided to take a crack at the it and revisited my love for Sailor Moon, whose is like a fashion illustration in itself.

This series will consist of all the characters drawn out in the clothes you see on the runway and some I conceptualized. It will be a mixed and I think it will be a great series.

Today, Sailor Moon is dressed in a mini dress with tribal patterns. I don't know who designed this, but I got the idea out of Vogue September 2013 issue in an advertisement. 

I didn't want to used the same color palettes for her clothes because I want it to be different, since it is Fashion Week and all.