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Masculine Rose

30 January 2014

New Year Eve!!! I love this outfit I concocted, a side slit with red leather pants. It might not looks like leather but in my mind it is leather.

This outfit is based the prior outfit. Using the same hue and the rose emblem, I put it on the side to give it cohesiveness and masculinity


Rosa Azul

Isn't this pattern cute? Don't you just want this in everything you have? Shirts, skirts, pants? I tried something new with my markers and love the result. I might repeat it for future designs.

I have something a bit more young and modern with this drawing. It's more daring because it's so bright and there is a lot of it. It also reveals more skin up top; it is a halter with an opened sleeves.


Birth of a Phoenix

29 January 2014

Two posts in one day, I gotta keep up before Lunar New Year is here. I have a few more to post, hope I can get in done on time.

Let's hear it for male drawing, YAY!!! I love doing them once in a while, but when I get to the shoes, it looks funky. I don't know what to do.

This is the male version from the post earlier today. Men's ao dai are similar to the women's but it's more loose fitting and acts as a jacket rather than a shirt. I didn't want to draw a full phoenix on his shirt, that would just emasculate it. So instead I abstracted it and gave it a few swirls of fire.


From The Ashes

So close to Tet, I can feel it in the air. Today I have a more traditional piece completed with a head piece, I like to think of it as a crown, but not sure what to called it in English.

Like many ao dai, the textile is considered a canvas for multiple designs, it can have scenery, landscape, patterns, and much more. Here I have a more traditional phoenix to go with the Xuan theme.


The Red Lantern

24 January 2014

A week from today is Lunar New Year Eve; it's so exciting. I didn't get into the Christmas spirit this year, but after drawing these collection, I feel the new year will turned a different leaf.

Today's ao dai has a small influence from the Western world, using a lace bodice as the main focal point and everything is white and subdued. Like I mentioned in my last post, the pants don't have to match the dress, it can be contrasting. In fact, it's more modern to have contrasting pants.


The Baroness

23 January 2014

It's that time of the year again, it's Lunar New Year. I just hate "Chinese New Year" because the majority of Asia celebrates it and it just confines only to the Chinese.

Anyway, this is a preview of what is to come in the next week. I have an entire collection based on the Vietnamese "Ao Dai" with a flair of modern. I think it will be well received.

Today, I have a mixed between China and Vietnam influence dress. It's actually a shirt with a long from and back flaps, and it's worn with a pair of pants.


Waiting for Spring

15 January 2014

It's halfway to January already! It's going too fast, and spring will soon be here. Right now I can't wait to shed all the sweaters and coats and get some color back.

Here, I have a wrap dress in yellow with blue flowers. This is such a cute dress in general and I think it would look great on anyone.


Mrs. Brown III

14 January 2014

A few weeks ago in December I attended one of my good friend's wedding; it was so beautiful. I love it so much. But I knew I had an agenda while I was there, and it was to see what she chose as her gown and to emulate it in my drawing.

Today, I have finished drawing. She wore a strapless sweetheart with a five foot train, all in lace of course. Why would it be not. Also, she has sapphire suede Gucci shoes that totally a reminisce of Sex and the City the movie.


Happy Birthday Anh/Fleur Princess

08 January 2014

I might be late posting this since her birthday was on the fourth, but I didn't want to spoiled the surprise. In the last few years, I started to draw Anh a fashion card for her birthday, she loves it so, and ask to received one on her birthday, so from there on I painted her one.

This year she is cloaked in a floral dress in the middle of a meadow. I entitled this "Fleur Princess" mainly it seems fitting with the dress and all.


Sitting Pretty

07 January 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! To welcomed the new year, I had another sitting posed; I'm not sure if I'm gonna do another one because three is the magic number.

Here, I have a darker skin model, I had never done one before just because the dark color is harder to blend and sometimes it just too dark, but here she is in a crocodile patterns. I don't think I accomplished it, but better luck next time.