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Summer Shorts

30 June 2014

Isn't this the cutest shorts you've ever seen? And to pair it with a classic white blouse, it is to die for!

I wanted to used the tribal trends that is so not scary to wear. All the other tribal is too native with all the earth tones. I wanted to contrast everything and make it more whimsical and flirty. By the by, doesn't she looks like Taylor Swift? I swear it wasn't intentional.


Keeping Dry

28 June 2014

Hello, did you have a great week? If you didn't, the weekend is here, and you can certainly enjoy it fully.

It's always so rainy in June. I'm not sure what's the explanation is; it must be mid-year showers to wetted the ground and prepped for the cold, harsh weather to come.

Here I have a bright and lovely yellow raincoat with matching umbrella to keep you dry, and let's not forget the matching boots. Even the ducks have to stay dry. Well, have a great weekend, y'all.