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Girl on fire

22 November 2013

It's finally here!! The sequel to The Hunger Games series "Catching Fire." I wanted to created the wedding dress ever since I read the book; I didn't know what to envisioned what it would be like, but I saw the trailer before I could conceptualized anything. Anyhoo, the dress was designed by India designer Tex Saverio.

At first, I didn't know if I wanted to draw while she's twirling and the dress burned to black. I figured it would be more "girl on fire" than just white. What do you think?

I can't wait to see the movie, but I'm staying away from the premiere weekend.


Cheers to marriage

21 November 2013

The weekend is coming up!! Whoo hoo!! What are your plans for the weekend? You know what is coming this weekend right?? The premier of "Catching Fire" and I can't wait. And guess what I have drawn for the movie. Well, I guess you have to wait.

Today, I present to you another custom dress for the reception of my friend's wedding from the last post. It was supposed to be peachy color, but you can't customize your markers.

This is a sweetheart with pleated tulle skirt and glitter/sequin at the trim fading up. I just want it to be light and airy because who wants it to be heavy and clunky while moving around on the dance floor or sitting down and eating.


Bride's Bouquet

20 November 2013

Good morning!! I have everyone are having a great day so far. I want to give something cute to add to your day. Here I have another wedding couture to add to my collection.

I have to admit, drawing wedding gowns is hard. There are so many ideas that I want to convey, but couldn't because of limitations of drawings. I could say lace, silk organza, chiffon, or beading and you would know what I'm talking about, but drawing it is another thing.

Today, I have another friend of my who is set to be married, and I just envisioned what her gown would be like. I hope when the day comes, it would be similar.


Wedding Couture

19 November 2013

Hello, sorry for being away for so long. After the Sailor Moon series, I feel like I need a vacation :D But a friend of mine got married earlier this year and I want to practice drawing white clothing. It's hard to do white because there is no white color; white is an absent of color. So for this drawing I used light grey for color and shadings.

All weddings are a fairy tale came true, so I mimicked the classic Cinderella's castle and birds. Do you think it's cute? I hope you do, let me know in the comment.


Come In Stranger

12 November 2013

Hello all!! It been so long since I drawn an illustration with human eyes. I know the anime eyes of Sailor Moon series worked perfectly, but I want to get back to the semi-realism.

Initially, I wanted to name this "Little Black [Polka Dots] Dress" but "Come In Stranger" also works. I'll let you decide. I just love the easiness of this dress; it's like a straight neckline tube dress, but loose fitting. If this is sold in stores, I think it would do quite well. You can belted it and create something new.


Fashion Week Finale

11 November 2013

I'm finally finished. Well, I did finished it a while ago, but didn't have time to upload.

To see each individual one, just go back to my old post or check my archive.