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Happy Holidays

29 January 2015

Happy Holidays from me to you!! Late again =D

She is passing out gifts to all her friends. I just love the little red wagon from way back when. She also wearing a dress with 3D snowflakes all over.


She's So Fancy

27 January 2015

“I'm so fancy; you already know.” I just love this song. I thought I wouldn't, but the more I listen to Iggy, the song grew on me, and the fact that it “Clueless” makes it more lovable.

I want to draw the iconic plaid, preppy suit that resembles the 90s so well. I don't know about you, but immediately when anyone wore yellow tartan, I just see Cher Horrowitz. No lie.


Here Comes the Princess

26 January 2015

Of course I have to draw Rini. How could I not? She is wearing Elie Saab just like Queen Serenity in my last post.

Can we just take a moment to adore her hair? I didn't want to make it super long like Wicked Lady, but I want to capture her youth with the slightly longer hair. It just looks so full and voluminous. I love it.


Long Live the Queen (Serenity)

23 January 2015

This is also meant to be part of the wedding couture, but I can't resist not doing Sailor Moon, since a movie is soon to be released.

This time around, I went more daring and bold with her. I played with the hair and accessories, and gave her an Elie Saab, which to me is only fit for ruler of the Moon. I wanted this to look just like any manga you see, and get lost in the picture.

Blissful Decadence

22 January 2015

No, she is not running away. I wish this dress were real. You can just imagine the silk organza flowing with ease walking in church or blowing away in the wind on a beach. This dress can’t do anyone wrong, complete with a halter neckline, belt and veil.


Wonder Woman

21 January 2015

 Happy 4th y’all! Sorry for the late news ;)

I stayed up all night to finish this drawing to have it ready to post it in the morning. It didn’t know it at the time but this turned out to be more pageantry than anything, but still resemble patriotism. Plus, I took a mild break from the wedding couture.


The 50th (Windswept)

20 January 2015

I thought this day would never come, my 50th drawing. I can’t believe it.

Again, this is part of my wedding couture. This gown has cascading tulle ruffles that give it the ethereal feel when you walk down the aisle. I want it to feel that you are walking on air and feel as sexy as possible.


Magnificent Bleu

19 January 2015

Hello and welcome back! Sorry that I have been away for so long. My job has rendered me exhausted and uninspired. I now only do one or two drawings a month, compared to my five or six a month. Sometimes I did the drawings but only upload it to Instagram, because I don’t have to write as much. 

I have a few drawings saved up and will tried to space them out accordingly to have a post once a week.

 This magnificent blue dress is made with ruffling tulles with a spiraling rosette and a mermaid train. This is part of my wedding couture. The dress could pass for a wedding gown or a bridesmaid dress. Which one would you preferred, bride or bridesmaid?