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Happy Holidays

29 January 2015

Happy Holidays from me to you!! Late again =D

She is passing out gifts to all her friends. I just love the little red wagon from way back when. She also wearing a dress with 3D snowflakes all over.


She's So Fancy

27 January 2015

“I'm so fancy; you already know.” I just love this song. I thought I wouldn't, but the more I listen to Iggy, the song grew on me, and the fact that it “Clueless” makes it more lovable.

I want to draw the iconic plaid, preppy suit that resembles the 90s so well. I don't know about you, but immediately when anyone wore yellow tartan, I just see Cher Horrowitz. No lie.


Here Comes the Princess

26 January 2015

Of course I have to draw Rini. How could I not? She is wearing Elie Saab just like Queen Serenity in my last post.

Can we just take a moment to adore her hair? I didn't want to make it super long like Wicked Lady, but I want to capture her youth with the slightly longer hair. It just looks so full and voluminous. I love it.