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All In White

03 July 2014

I know this is so different than what I normally do, but I just want to do a quick bride sketch to practiced. I don't think it's bad, but it could stands to be better.


Pretty Little Liars

01 July 2014

OMFG! I am totally and whole-heartedly hooked on PLL. I started watching it because I'm all caught up on my old shows and the new series on TV aren't interesting enough for me to watch. I heard good things about this show and the more I tuned in, the more I'm hooked.

This was meant to be shown two weeks ago, in conjunction with the premiere. I was late (yet again). *sighs* Anyhoo, here are the four girls in Rosewood cemetery, all wearing red dress. I didn't want to do the red coat. I wanted to put some personalities in the dresses to match all four of them.

Until next Tuesday. Enjoy.